Zisk for Question Mark


Question Mark

Elizabeth Zisk is a dedicated public servant who has tirelessly worked to improve the lives of the people of Question Mark, Ohio for the last five terms as mayor. With her extensive experience and proven track record of success, Mayor Zisk is the best choice for continuing to lead our town forward. From improving public safety to creating jobs and economic growth, Mayor Zisk has demonstrated her commitment to serving the needs of beautiful Question Mark, Ohio. A vote for Mayor Zisk's sixth term is a vote for the future of our town!

No One has Worked Harder
for Question Mark

Citizens of Question Mark, ask yourself a single question: What would Question Mark be without Elizabeth Zisk? "Not good" is probably the answer you came up with or maybe it was "terrible." Both are correct! Because Mayor Zisk has worked harder than anyone in the history of Question Mark, except maybe for Reginald Willey himself, to make sure that Question Mark has thrived.

No One has Sacrified Everything
for Question Mark

You may have known sorrow in your life. But have you watched your husband, your dear husband, burn in a fire that not only took his life but took your livelihood away? Yes, Question Mark took everything from Elizabeth Zisk, but did she grow bitter? Did she vow revenge? No she did not. Instead, she sacrificed what was left of her life for the people of Question Mark to ensure that this town would live up to the potential that her Thompson never would. Ask yourself: would you? You would not. Elizabeth Zisk did.

No One has Built a Better Future
for Question Mark

Mayor Zisk is singlehandedly responsible for the revitalization of Downtown Question Mark. From capital improvement projects like her "Roads are Best For Cars" initiative, to the leadership that grew our garbage dump from the fifth to second largest in the state, nobody has kept the vitality of our city in mind more. It's not just about the past or the present but the future as well. When she welcomed the University of Ohio Extension Campus with their Experimental Farming Station to town, Mayor Zisk made sure that Question Mark would continue to forge a path to the future and beyond. And, if elected for a sixth term, Mayor Zisk is excited to continue to invest in the future of Question Mark with the installation of an underground particle collider, in association with New Tomorrow Industries. As Mayor Zisk always says, "The future is a Question Mark."

Re-Elect Mayor Zisk, November 2.
For Question Mark

You know what you will do when you enter the election booth on November 2, 2021. You know who you will vote for. Zisk. Then. Now. Always.